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The World Alliance Constitution


We the Nations of the World Alliance establish this constitution as a guide and the higher law. We will abide by this Constitution at all times to ensure the prosperity and functionality of the Alliance.

Article 1-Laws

1.1-You may only have one nation in the World Alliance.

1.2-You must never attack another World Alliance Nation to ensure the Region’s safety and to prevent a civil war.

1.3-All terms in the World Alliance Government last for one month except for the term of WA Delegate.

Article 2-Rights

2.1-All member Nations have the right to vote.

2.2-All nations have the right to hold office.

2.3-All Nations have the right to propose new laws and make amendments.

2.4-All Nations have the right to express their ideas and to petition the government.

Article 3-The President

3.1- The President is the assistant of the founder and has the executive powers.

3.2-The President can declare war and appoints all Ministers.

Article 4-Regional Representative

4.1-The Regional Representative can request the founder to establish embassies.

4.2-The RP can create a poll to impeach a government worker.

4.3-The RP creates new laws and passes acts for the good of the Alliance. These moves can be over ruled.

Article 5-Ministers

5.1-The Minister of Justice makes sure that all laws a fair. He can overrule a move made by The President or Regional Representative.

5.2-The Minister of Intelligence monitors other Regions and Nations and informs the President of any threats to the Region.

5.3-The Minister of Recruitment recruits new nations (using the recruitment message) as much as possible.

Article 6-Founder and WA Delegate

6.1-The Founder leaves most powers of government to the posts, but he can create new laws, remove someone from office, edit the WFE, make embassies, and amend the Constitution.

6.2-The WA Delegate serves no purpose, but votes made by him count as 2.

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